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Te whakanikoniko i tō mauri rerehua me tō toiora

The Ātaahua Vision

Welcome to Ātaahua Enhancing Your Natural Beauty and Wellbeing, a Hamilton clinic focusing on providing quality treatments.
We provide beauty treatments from head to toe as well as cosmetic tattooing for eyebrows.
We provide holistic wellbeing, Traditional Māori Healing and Māori Rongoā.
At Ātaahua we believe in looking after your body, mind and soul to look your best at all times.

Services - Ngā Ratonga

Eyebrow Tattoo

Te Tā Tukemata

Powder or Ombre Brows
Combination Brows

Beauty Treatments

Ngā Maimoatanga Whakapaipai

Whether you’re after a glowing summer tan, a relaxing massage and facial or a brazillian wax –  we do it all here at Ātaahua. 

Holistic Therapy

Haumanu Torowhānui

Here there is an emphasis on the spiritual dimension of wellbeing. Therapies includes herbal remedies, massage and manipulation, and spiritual healing.


Be beautiful, pretty, gorgeous, good looking, handsome, elegant, exquisite, appealing.

Meet The Artist

Tēnā koutou katoa – Greetings to all.
Ko Tainui te waka – Tainui is the canoe. 
Ko Waipa te awa – Waipa is the river.
Ko Pirongia me Karioi ōku maunga – Pirongia & Karioi are the mountains.
Ko Te Papa o Rotu te marae – Te Papa o Rotu is the meeting house.
Ko Ngaati Maahanga te haapu – Ngaati Maahanga is my people.
Ko Waikato te iwi – Waikato is my tribe.
Ko Potatau te tangata – Potatau is my ancestor.
Ko Vicky tōku ingoa – Vicky is my name.

Mauri ora ki a koutou katoa. Good health and well-being to you all.

This is the face that greets you at Ātaahua Enhancing Your Natural Beauty and Wellbeing and a little information about me and where I’m from.

To be Ātaahua is about more than just the way a person looks. It means being beautiful in every sense of the word – in Body, Mind and Soul. That’s why Vicky encompasses all three aspects here at Ātaahua. She believes women and men should have the opportunity to feel empowered and worthy at all times. Whether that be through Cosmetic makeup to build confidence, Beauty Therapy to look and feel your best, or Holistic approach to your wellbeing with Rongoā Māori (traditional Māori medicine) and Māori healing.

She studied and graduated in Beauty and Spa Therapy in 2004 at Wintec Waikato Institute Of Technology.  Vicky is a certified Cosmetic Eyebrow tattoo artist under the Prestigious Phi Academy, graduated in 2018, specialising in Microblading also known as Feathering, Powder Brow and Ombre Brow techniques.

Continuing to refine her craft, up-skilling with the latest techniques, she has trained with talented national and international cosmetic tattoo artists, you can be sure that you are in safe hands with Vicky.

Vicky is also passionate about taking a Holistic approach to your wellbeing and in 2007 trained with a Māori Tohungā. She specialises in practising traditional Māori Rongoā (Māori medicine) and Māori healing, how the physical (kikokiko), emotional (hinengaro) and spiritual (wairua) world connects to a person’s health and wellbeing.

Our mission is to provide Holistic Māori healing for all cultures.

Put your wellbeing first and get in touch with Vicky today.

Disclaimer: We do not provide medical advice. Ātaahua services aids in healing and should not replace Western or other medicines and treatments. 

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